My Socks Malaysia Sdn Bhd, founded in 2005, has established itself as one of the most reliable name of manufacturers and distributors of socks in the region.  Since its incorporation, My Socks has been consistently growing and expanding its business operations with the combination of technical know-how and sound experience of the management. Today, My Socks has built a solid reputation for producing socks of high quality and delivering on time. 


Driven by our corporate goal of creating ultimate customers satisfaction, our enthusiastic management and dedicated workforce strike to deliver socks of highest quality with lowest cost. 


In My Socks, we highly value innovativeness and creativity.  We continuously seeks to improve our production process, inventories management and delivery system, in order to make My Socks the name of the best.  Utilizing the machines and equipments of the latest technology, from knitting, boarding, quality control, pairing, to packaging, we ensure our socks can always meet the highest expectation of our customers.


My Socks manufactures and supplies wide array of socks, ranging from women’s socks, men’s socks, children’s socks, fashion socks, to sport socks, to our customers worldwide. We produces socks made of various mixture of cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester, olefin, and spandex, satisfying all kind of needs of our customers.  Our creative and innovative designers are dedicated to design comfortable socks that look trendy and stylish.


If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer / supplier of high quality socks, My Socks is always the name which you can trust because we know socks better than others.





Factory Area                         :            4,400 SQ METRES


Market                                    :           100% EXPORT


Production Facilities           :           - 108 Units of Computerized Socks Machine         

                                                            - 12 Units of The Closing Machines

                                                            - Boarding Machines

                                                            - Steam Boiler


No. of Employees                 :          130 Persons


Sales/Capacity                               12,000,000 Pairs Per Annum